Mill Town - 2015 Spoonshine Release!

Mill Town, Spoonshine's newest release, showcases both the poetic songwriting of long time band members Jacob Navarro and William Cook, as well as the virtuosic instrumentation of guest players Danny Barnes (banjo), Nova Karina Devonie (accordion), Kelly Van Camp (drums/harmonica), and Matt Sircely (mandolin). Experience a journey through scenes of past and present life in America, artistically woven together with fun and passionate performances caught on tape for your enjoyment.

Song Of The Sockeye - Brand new full length album!

Produced by Adam Kasper (Soundgarden, Into the Wild soundtrack, REM, Cat Power, Pearl Jam), “Song of the Sockeye” bridges the gap between old-time and bluegrass-inspired folk music, with a full tilt high energy rock band.

*We've had some reports of the song "Robin" not being included in the album download. If this happens to you, please contact and we will sort it out! This glitch should be sorted out within a few days, sorry for any problems!

Beloved Shadow - Six song EP

A six song EP that in addition to showcasing Jacob Navarro and William Cook's songwriting and playing, features George Schwindt of Flogging Molly acclaim on several songs, as well as Anacortes super musicians James Moffitt and Matt Hermstad on others.

Beloved Shadow - EP - EP - Spoonshine

The Spoonshine Duo - Full length CD

Recorded in Jacob's garage, this is an honest, mostly acoustic recording of two guys playing music that they love. Featuring upright bass, a national resonator guitar from 1931, mandolins, voices song in harmony, and more....

The Spoonshine Duo - Spoonshine