Announcing the brand new full length album by Spoonshine, “Song of the Sockeye”!

Produced by Adam Kasper (Soundgarden, Into the Wild soundtrack, REM, Cat Power, Pearl Jam), “Song of the Sockeye” bridges the gap between old-time and bluegrass-inspired folk music, with a full tilt high energy rock band.

Hailing from Anacortes and Seattle Washington, Spoonshine features the songwriting collaboration between Jacob Navarro (mandolin, guitar, vocals) and William Cook (upright bass, guitar, vocals). This album added guest musicians George Schwindt of Flogging Molly and Denali Williams of the Tacoma Symphony on drums, as well as Jakob Breitbach of the Blackberry Bushes on fiddle.

Spoonshine songs often reflect on life between the farm, the sea, and the mountains that surround their Northwest home. The title track, “Song of the Sockeye,” is shaped from a poem found in an abandoned fishing cannery in Northern B.C., written by a gill-netter in 1940. It tells the tale of hard working fishermen and a dwindling run of once plentiful salmon: “So if life to you is worth something, then take it from me my friend, spending your days atop rolling waves can ruin you in the end. The sockeye don’t return to Rivers Inlet anymore, the grizzly bears are hungry the fisherman are poor….”

With impassioned harmonies, powerful rhythms, and virtuosic guitar and mandolin, Spoonshine’s new album brings what fans have already discovered at their dance-your-ass-off live shows to a finely produced collection of well crafted songs.


What some of the press is saying:

 “This EP is beautifully recorded and produced, highlighting the skills of each member while remaining simple. Stay close to this band; Spoonshine is the gold standard for Northwest folk and Americana.”  Adam Bates, What’s Up Magazine (review of “Beloved Shadow” EP)

 “With a thick, steady low end like Railroad Earth and a leader on mandolin/acoustic guitar that strongly recalls The Bad Livers, Spoonshine rumbled with all the growl and scrapple you’d ever want from a string band with rock leanings. With fierce picking that recalls Tim O’Brien in his youth and a voice that just might unleash hellfire one day, Jacob Navarro made one feel, by turns, that the grave loomed near or one had just gotten the best kiss they could remember in recent history….” Dennis Cook, Jambase. Dirty Impound

“Spoonshine; simply put their quick picking and killer chords are a force to be reckoned with…..” Tara Cunningham, Folklife Festival